Emergency: phone number 828-358-5996
To surrender: email
We take in any injured or sick Box Turtles.

If a Box Turtle is displaying any of the following, he/she may need help:

  • Animal or vehicle encounters
  • Visible bleeding
  • Shell damage
  • Swollen, scab, or mucus filled eyes
  • Swelling around head, neck,or any other limb
  • Bump/s on head/neck
  • Nasal and/or mouth discharge, runny, bubbles, etc.
  • Missing limbs
  • Any audible sounds, wheezing chirps, etc. (not to be confused with the hissing sound made when closing it’s shell. “Not really a hiss”)
  • Any insect,worms,or larva attached to or in the turtle .
  • Very lethargic
  • Any Turtle found during the winter time. ( if it’s a warm day, they may be only moving to another site)
  • Turtles found in logging or deforested areas .

When coming across an injured or sick Box Turtle, write down its exact location, so we will be able to return the rehabilitated Box Turtle to its home range, if possible.

We also take in Box Turtles that have been kept in captivity when their owners can no longer care for them anymore for various reasons.

Please do not release ANY Box Turtle into the wild that has been kept as a pet.  We will find these turtles a permanent home.

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Pet turtles should never be released into the wild.

Any pet turtle, water or land, can spread diseases to the wild Box Turtle population.