Come on out!

SEPTEMBER 26th 11am – 3pm

We’ll be at South Mountain state Park’s annual nature day again this year. Come out and see some of our resident turtles!

“Community event celebrating all we love about NATURE! Music, exhibits, activities and fun for the whole family!
South Mountains State Park Jacob Fork Access, Saturday, September 26th, 2015 11am-3pm
Call park for more information! 828-433-4772″ Or CLICK HERE

SEPTEMBER 27th 1pm – 5pm

Come on out! Swing by and see some of our resident Box Turtles!

“Come get up close and personal with a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians from around the globe. Try your hand at an amphibian obstacle course, eat reptile cuisine, search for wild reptiles, and have lots of opportunities to see and touch snakes, turtles, frogs and more!
$3 in addition to museum admission or with valid Schiele membership.”

The Schiele Museum of Natural History. 1500 E Garrison Blvd, Gastonia, North Carolina 28054 CLICK HERE

Say hello…

 We would like to say thank you to everyone who has taken their time to help these jewels to safely cross our road ways and to find care and help for injured and sick Box Turtles. At this time, we would like to introduce you to one of our newest resident educational special needs turtle, Turt. Many of you may have already met Turt at the NC Arboretum’s Box Turtle day event.

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The NC Arboretum


The North Carolina Arboretum held their 2nd annual Box Turtle Day, celebrating our state reptile this past Saturday. It was a Box Turtle packed day, from Box Turtle telemetry hunts, Turtle dogs, live reptile demonstrations, with several organisations promoting conversation, studies, rehabilitaion, and so much more.


Stretch watching people.


Seeing families interact and learn about Box Turtles is always a highlight.
a1Shelly, The Arboretum’s on sight resident Box Turtle, came by to see  these other Box Turtles paying a visit.
a2Some of the organizations present were:  Appalachian Wildlife RefugeThe HERP ProjectTurtle Rescue Team and the WNC Nature Center
a3Box Turtle telemetry hunt.


We look forward to next year’s Box Turtle Day!

We had the pleasure of meeting some folks from the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge. They work with all native species, including reptiles. Go check them out and give them a like. They are doing great things for the WNC area. 1151560


Education Season Starts

Spring has arrived again and so has our education program on the conservation of Box Turtles. We had back to back programs and to start the season off we were asked to attend Casar Park’s annual spring festival.


Drew talking about turtles.


Our resident snapper says he smells fingers.

We love seeing parents that take the time to read all the material to their kids. Kids are the future of Box Turtle conservation.




The next event was Davidson College’s annual Reptile Day.


Getting ready for the visitors

Thanks Raven, our newest volunteer.


Raven showing some deformities of our special Box Turtles

We had a great day. A really great crowd was in attendance that were all very interested in Box Turtles.

As always, Davidson College’s Reptile Day had a plethora of other reptiles on sight from other groups as well as their own reptiles. Educational events were going on all day. It’s a great learning experience and family activity.  Make plans to attend next year!


Stretch chilling at Reptile day; he’s a people watcher.


Fall is here

Fall has arrived, here in the Western Piedmont, leaves are turning and beginning to fall, temps at night and in the morning times are dropping,  requiring a jacket. Often times this time of year people begin to forget about box turtles, thinking that they have settled in for the year. They have yet to retire to their wintering spots. In the late mornings and when temps begin to rise, these little jewels are continuing on with their daily business, but they will begin to seek out their annual over wintering locations, putting some in danger from crossing the roadways. With the leaves littering the road ways and even blowing across at times, it can make it much more difficult to spot a crossing turtle. Before you speed through those leaves scattered on the road, slow down and do a good look.  You never know what jewel may be among those leaves.


Fall is also the time for raking leaves. If you plan on burning your leaves, please do so as soon as possible. What is just a pile of leaves to you, to a box turtle appears to be a great new place to over winter. To new hatchling Box turtles that are just emerging this time of year, it could be their first over winter location. Don’t risk burning turtles with the leaves. Burn sooner rather than later, or even better, pile all the leaves up in an area and leave them for the turtles.




South Moutain

We had a great day at South Mountain State Park’s annual Nature Day. Being in our back yard, it was great talking with the local community about Box Turtle conservation. smnd


Come out and see us at Rescue Ranch’s 2nd annual Fall festival October 25th Fall Festival Flyer