RailRoads are not only dangerous for any wildlife that attempts to cross their tracks, but they are especially dangerous for the Box Turtle. A Box Turtle that is on a train track almost always results in death. They can become a fatality through several means. Box Turtles can become trapped in between the rails when they are unable to climb over the rails. A Box Turtle trapped between the rails can literally be cooked alive on a hot summer day, they can be struck by a train while attempting to climb over the rail, they can slowly starve and or die of dehydration, or they can become easy targets for predators.

While we can’t start walking tracks in search of Box Turtles, there are some things you can do to help. When crossing RR intersections, glance down the track. Perhaps there is a Box Turtle in viewing range that needs help. Perhaps there is a turtle on the outskirts of the rails headed toward them. While we can’t condone illegal trespassing, should you find your self on a track with a turtle, always put safety first and use common sense. If the turtle is alert and mobile take him on into the woods or closest woods available. The turtle may be from that area or it may have aimlessly walked the tracks to that point. Any place is safer than the tracks. Should they show signs of lethargy or injuries, locate your nearest rehabilitator.

* RailRoads are private property. It is illegal to be on the tracks other than the designated public crossing areas.  You could receive a ticket for trespassing if caught on tracks by RR personnel. Being on any RR is dangerous. A freight car can extend 3′ beyond the rails. There are also falling items from the train. *