When most people think of litter they think of empty wrappers, bottles,and the such. While all litter is bad for the environment, not to mention irresponsible, it can be and is very detrimental to our wildlife that food waste is not viewed as litter. I often times receive comments of people telling me they throw out peels and discarded fruit pits and cores while driving down the road. Most say and think that it’s acceptable to toss them out of a car window because it’s biodegrade, natural, organic, etc., that some type of wildlife will come along and find a meal. Often times that second reason is, indeed, what happens. Box Turtles are opportunist. a1They cull very little out in the food department.  By stopping to eat that discarded fruit litter that was so carelessly thrown from a vehicle and landing on the roadway, they are spending more time in the road, which increases their chances of being hit. This goes for all wildlife. Please keep your “litter” in your vehicle. Nothing should ever be thrown out of your vehicle. a2


It is September now, and I am surrounded by commercial apple orchards in this area. Every year at this time I see the road ways strewn with apples and apple cores. When possible, I stop and kick said fruit off of the road.