Recreational ATV use has become more popular in the past couple decades, and with that rise in popularity, deadly encounters between Box Turtles, turtle nesting sites, and ATVs has increased. Even when Box Turtles are miles from any hard top road they still risk being run over. ATVs of all types have changed the landscape in many areas, causing erosion, as well as fragmenting Box Turtle habitat. Box Turtles are killed each year by ATVs. A majority of the ATV operators do not even realize that he/she has killed a Box Turtle. Not only do ATVs kill adult and juvenile turtles, but they also kill the secretive hatchlings that hide out under leaf litter. Nesting sites can be destroyed by ATVs, which wipe out future Box Turtle generations in that particular area. ATVs are here to stay and so is the destruction that they cause our environment. If you are an ATV rider, slow down some, and be more observant of your surroundings for the Box Turtles’ safety as well as your own.