Education Season Starts

Spring has arrived again and so has our education program on the conservation of Box Turtles. We had back to back programs and to start the season off we were asked to attend Casar Park’s annual spring festival.


Drew talking about turtles.


Our resident snapper says he smells fingers.

We love seeing parents that take the time to read all the material to their kids. Kids are the future of Box Turtle conservation.




The next event was Davidson College’s annual Reptile Day.


Getting ready for the visitors

Thanks Raven, our newest volunteer.


Raven showing some deformities of our special Box Turtles

We had a great day. A really great crowd was in attendance that were all very interested in Box Turtles.

As always, Davidson College’s Reptile Day had a plethora of other reptiles on sight from other groups as well as their own reptiles. Educational events were going on all day. It’s a great learning experience and family activity.  Make plans to attend next year!


Stretch chilling at Reptile day; he’s a people watcher.


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